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          Born in Maine and raised in New Jersey, I have developed a diverse style of photography. Starting out in black and white film, I found a love for the hands on creation of images. From loading film into my camera, to the process of developing and printing a photo unique to my imagination. Snapping photographs has become a part of my daily life!


         From cityscapes to rocky shore lines, acres of farm land or deep into the woods, I will photograph anywhere best suited to your needs! I am available for a wide range of photography including celebrations to senior portraits, family outings to newborn photos and much more! I currently reside in mid-coast Maine and willing to travel. I believe in true candid photography, as the best moments are sometimes unplanned! 



I’d love to talk to you about your needs, vision and wishes.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me through any of the following methods:


1- 866-Sky-Brie





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"Capture the moment.

Let in the light.

Expose the beauty."

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